Marie Dorigny, Winner Press’tival de Château-Gontier

Marie Dorigny sur la scène du Carré recoit son prix (c) Michel PUech
Marie Dorigny sur la scène du Carré recoit son prix (c) Michel PUech


The former journalist Jean-Marie Mulon has founded Press’tival Info, an event held in november In the city of Château- Gontier, in Mayenne. There were exhibitions, seminars and panels where photo professionals discussed  moving and still images. On the gates of the  city hall were photographs from the Jean-Louis Courtinat series Vivre avec toi. Led by Lise Blanchet of France Télévision, a jury unanimously awarded its top prize to Marie Dorigny’s report on the plight of women in Nepal.
After starting out as an editor, Marie Dorigny, 53, joined the world of photography in December 1989, during the Romanian Revolution. Her reports on child labor, illegal immigration, forms of modern-day slavery and the lives of women in developing countries appeared in Le Monde, Courrier International, Elle, Life Magazine, Time, The Independent and Der Spiegel. Her regular trips to Pakistan and India were regular features in Géo and National Geographic France.

She was one of several photographers to receive a grant from the festival Photoreporter en Baie de Saint Brieuc, and she’s just completed a documentary series on the effects of the rural exodus and violence against women in Nepal.

The Press’tival jury gave special mention to Morgan Fache’s Turkish series, Occupy Gézi, which already turned heads at this year’s Visa pour l’Image in Perpignan, where it shared the Prix Pix Palace-ANI.

The Prix Gilles Jacquier was awarded to Igal Kohen for the series L’aure élection. The prize was presented by the photojournalist Caroline Poiron, the bereaved partner of Gilles Jacquier and the author of a remarkable investigation into his death at the hands of supporters of the Syrian regime.


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